Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Asked, We Tell!!

Here are our responses to the questions you asked!

Gina wanted to know what we really look like:
Rose: I have very curly hair that is a bit more than halfway down my back. It's dark brown with a bit of red undertone. It currently has some blonde highlights but sometimes I switch it up and do red highlights. I have multiple color eyes (blue, green and yellow). I have very fair skin (I like to call it alabaster) and don't tan. I have lots of piercings including: nose, 3 at the bottom of my ear, 2 at the top and a belly button ring. I got my tragus pierced Saturday night and took out my belly button ring on Sunday morning (I was over it, I've had it for 8 years!). I have no booty and big boobs and a size ten foot.

Jill: I have stick straight hair that is cut into a stacked bob at the moment. The natural color is dark brown, but as of right now it's black with pink/red, chunky, peek-a-boo highlights on both sides of my head. My eyes are blue, and they stay that way. I have an olive complexion. I used to have a lot of piercings, but now I only have my tragus, conch and two holes in my ear one time I had my rook, tragus, conch, nose, 2 holes in each ear, 2 cartilage piercings, belly button...too much. I have 4 tattoos. I have a "Jesus" fish on my hip, a quatrefoil on the back of my neck, Picasso's Peace Dove on my side and a bass clef on my wrist. I just got the bass clef Saturday night, when Rose got her tragus pierced. I'm about 5'5", big boobs, big booty and I think that's about it.

Melissa commented on our pen names and quotes the commercials:
Rose: I too think the commercials are wonderful. The best thing about it is we've begun to refer to each other as Rose & Jill in public and people have no clue :)

Jill: It is great that we refer to one another as Rose and Jill out in public and no one has a clue. As to the commercials...well I thought they were good when I first saw them, but now I crack up every time I see them.

Gwen thinks "this RoseandJill person has medium length, thick dirty blonde hair, a pretty pink complexion, and always prances around in sweats, snow boots and a rainbow scarf"
Rose: Well my hair isn't dark or dirty blonde, but it is SUPER thick. I like to think I have a pretty complexion, I get a lot of compliments on it! I do love my sweats and wear them whenever I'm not working. I don't have snow boots, but I have been wearing other boots. I love my rainbow scarf :)

Jill: I do have medium length hair but it is most definitely not thick. And if you had said the dirty blonde thing like 6 months ago, you would have been right...I went though a blonde phase. My complexion is more yellow than red. And I'm sitting here writing this in my sweats. I LOVE SWEATS, especially my green American Eagle sweat pants. I also love my snow boots. They are black and white polka dots!! I wore them last night when I decided it was a good idea for me to go sledding at 11pm. And, I don't have a rainbow scarf....sorry pal.

Lolita thinks might be sisters.
Rose: Although we aren't sisters by birth we are sorority sisters. Plus, I consider her my biological sister. People say we look like sisters though!

Jill: We do look like sisters. I have a picture of me and Rose in my cubicle at work and I get asked all the time if Rose is my sister. I just chuckle.

Life at the white house wanted to know if Rose was pissed when Jill hooked up with her little brother.
Rose: I was drunk and didn't care. I still don't care. Plus, while she was with my bro it gave Sam & me a little alone time (which my brother walked in on!) It's a great little inside secret too...

Constructive attitude wanted to know why we decided to do a blog together:
Rose: Well, I wanted her to do the blog with me because not only is she my best friend, my sister (sort of) but we have a lot in common, same sense of sick humor and have a lot of stories to be told. I rarely have a great story that doesn't include my little Jillian!

Jill: Well, I have to give total credit to Rose for that one. She called me one day and was so excited...she wanted me to do a blog with her. How could I say no? There isn't another person in the world that I would want to do a blog with.

Nic wants to know if Rose's boyfriend Sam knows about the blog & reads it:
Rose: Possibly knows, but doesn't read... I mentioned it to him when Jill & I came up with the idea. He didn't seem to care about it, our conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. I haven't said anything about it since we actually started the blog, though. It makes it a bit easier to write about the good ol' college days without him reading. He doesn't like to hear those stories! However, if he were to ask about it, I would tell him and let him read it.

Gwen wants to know if we made our profile pics, if they look like us and where we made it:
Rose: The girls over at Sex and the Traveling Satchel told us about Face Your Manga, a website where you can make your own avatars. I'll admit, they do look somewhat like us. Obviously, if you saw us in real life you wouldn't be "IT'S ROSE AND JILL!" I had a hard time picking the different features because none of them were dead on us. Jill & I look similar in real life, so it was super hard to make them look different!

Anne wants to know how old we are and if we live together:
Rose: I'm 23 and going to be 24 in September. I don't live with Jill anymore (Only in college and summers between), I currently live at home with my madre y padre! We have plans of moving back in together someday.

Jill: I'm also 23 and going to be 24 in June. I live with Meg and Rach in a 2 bedroom apartment (we made a make-shift bedroom for Meg in our dining room). We have 3 cats (Nova, Zero and Gus) and a pit-bull, visla mix dog...Ama. It's cozy in our apartment and I like it a whole bunch, however hopefully one day I'll be back living with Rose.

DeeBee originally thought this was 1 person with multiple personalities, then she thought we were lesbians, then she guessed roommates, best friends and girls that are delightfully inappropriate
Rose: When I don't take my medicine one would think that I have multiple personalities. I'm definitely not a lesbian, but if I were, I would choose Jill. But you were correct with roommates (just not currently) and best friends!

Jill: Uhm...I don't have a lot left to say on this one. How about "see above".

Christina wants to see some pictures:
Rose: No pictures of our faces yet, but here is a picture of our BFF rings made at a wedding last year:
I couldn't get my ring down any further. However, we got Jill's down so far it almost didn't come off! Maybe someday you'll get to see more. However, if you want drunken ones while passed out in parking lots (or cars) I have plenty. I do require dinner and drinks first though... not everyone is privy to that information!

Jill: Maybe we can take a picture of us from the back or something...that wouldn't give away our identities!

KT wants to know a lot of things:
Even though the cartoon pic of you two says otherwise, I see you as both blondes.
Rose: Negative. I have been blonde, just not currently or fully since about 2005.

Jill: I have also been blonde. Just not currently.

I also think you guys are really the Sex & Satchel girls in disguise.
Rose: I'm not and I hope that Jill isn't because when I emailed them stupid questions I would have just been talking to her. It would have been easier to pick up the phone!

Jill: Damn. You got me. Haha, just kidding. I'm not Courtney or Christina! Though I have to say that I love their blog and they have helped us out a lot in fixing stuff on our blog...they are great and I am flattered that you would think that we are them in disguise. However, this is just not the case.

If anyone you know in "real" life finds your blog, what would you do? Is there anyone that would be devastated by it? Is there anyone that would devastate YOU if they found it?
Rose: I've tried to be discreet about the blog. However, if they find it, they find it. I would imagine it would be difficult to figure out who we are because everything is a pen name. I haven't written anything on here that I wouldn't tell someone in real life.

Jill: A couple of people at work have walked in while I have been writing a blog or checking stuff, if they asked what I was looking at I told them. I am an open book, and tend to have word vomit. If you know me, you know I say what I chances are everything I am writing I have said at some point to someone.

Another question...Would you rather own a Leprechaun or a Unicorn, and why?
Rose: tough one. I would like a Unicorn. For the pure fact that I could take pictures of it, photo shop them and become the new Lisa Frank. Except I would be Rose Frank. But then again, I guess it depends on the size of the Leprechaun. If it was pocket size I might want that one...

Jill: I would much rather have a Leprechaun. This is because Leprechauns usually know where a pot-o-gold is and I could use that to my advantage. I'd be rich! Plus, I am not a fan of horses and a horse with a huge horn thingy just doesn't appeal to me.


ReRe said...

i had to google tragus -- that's how hip i am

KT said...

Rad! Thanks for answering!

For me--leprechaun. Why? Their poop is much smaller and you can train them to use the toilet. That's the only reason why, and I think it's a damn good one.

Life at the White House said...

yep, i had to google it too. i'm so not cool.

Gina said...

Another tragus googler here...

insomniaclolita said...

yay at least I'm partially right ;)

Christina said...

Also, how did I glance over KT's comment earlier? How funny! Maybe it's the other way around, maybe "Christina" and "Courtney" are Rose and Jill in disguise! Eh, eh?

Courtney said...

"I also think you guys are really the Sex & Satchel girls in disguise."

haha. they caught us! ;) how funny. i'm thinking that we'll start shipping the purse your way! haha. we could start a 4-some blog and really freak people out!


KT said...

Again, against all the evidence, I still think this is true.

You guys are all sneaky!


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