Sunday, February 1, 2009

About Us!

KT over at KT's Journey brought something to our attention that we feel needs to be addressed. Since we are anonymous (or secretive as she says) about who we are, that everyone has their own mental picture of us.

So we want to know:

What do you think about us?
What is your mental picture?
Is there anything you want to know about us?

LAY IT ON US! We will answer any and all questions thrown our way! (Obviously, we don't care if it is appropriate or not... that's what makes us so delightful!)

Just in case you're curious: The name "Delightfully Inappropriate" just came to Rose one day. And while trying to figure out the name we would use for ourselves, we came across these commercials and it was love at first sight:


Gina said...

Oh, I thought that little picture was you guys for real. Hmm. I guess my question is, what do you look like then? :)

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

I LOVE that you guys use the Rose and Jill pen names. I've actually quoted those commercials myself, "IDK, my BFF V." And then burst into giggles. :)

Gwen B. said...

I kind of imagine you guys as one person...weird? And I this RoseandJill person has medium length, thick dirty blonde hair, a pretty pink complexion, and always prances around in sweats, snow boots and rainbow scarf. I guess because of your stories about the snow. haha My imagination is pretty detailed.

insomniaclolita said...

I kind of think you guys are sisters :P

Life at the White House said...

I assumed that you guys look something like the little picture on your blog? No?

I think it's awesome (AND wonderfully smart) that you don't have pictures of yourselves all over your blog......and I'm assuming Rose and Jill are pen names. I kind of hate that if you looked hard enough you could find my little old blog on the web. Not that I am a big deal or anyone spends their free time searching for info about me, but still, it's mildly creepy that co-workers could read up on my entire life if they got the urge to search around.

And I disagree, I think y'all are in fact two separate people! I can tell by the different writing styles.

Anyway, love the blog and love that you're "anonymous". :-) I do have ONE question - Rose, were you pissed when Jill hooked up with your little brother or did you think it was hilarious?! I have to say, if my bff hooked up with my baby brother it would freak me out.....a bit. Just curious.

Constructive Attitude said...

I just randomly came across this blog today, so i havent had a chance to read your other posts, but whyd u guys decide to do a blog together. thats my question :D

*Nic* said...

I have a question for Rose...
Does your boyfriend know about your blog? And if so, does he read it?

Gwen B. said...

Did you make your profile pics? Do they look like you?
Or did you just find them and like them?

if so where b/c I need a good one! :)

Anne said...

How old are you? (if you dont wanna say its okay)
Do you guys live together or something?

DeeBee said...

I hope this doesn't offend you both, I'm just being honest with my first impression.

When I first started reading and trying to figure out who you were, I thought you might be someone with a double personality and then when I found out that wasn't it, I thought you were lesbians. I'm a new reader and hadn't read much of your blog yet so I read deeper into your blog and realized that CERTAINLY was not the case.

I'm guessing you are just two girls who are roommates, best friends and are delightfully inappropriate. :-) I enjoy your blog.

Christina said...

Ha! I'm horrible at things like this, but it's interesting to think about what others' impressions are of you when you're anonymous. Interesting indeed...

Does this mean we're gonna get pictures? Drunken ones while passed out in a parking lot are completely acceptable...

KT said...

Even though the cartoon pic of you two says otherwise, I see you as both blondes. Why? I don't know. (And that's not a knock on your intelligence, that's simply the mental image I conjured up!).

I also think you guys are really the Sex & Satchel girls in disguise... a DOUBLE disguise! Your milder stuff goes here, the more R-to-X-rated stuff goes there.

It's weird when I STILL make things up like this even though I know better. Oh well.

A question... well, what do you guys look like?
If anyone you know in "real" life finds your blog, what would you do? Is there anyone that would be devastated by it? Is there anyone that would devastate YOU if they found it?

Another question...
Would you rather own a Leprechaun or a Unicorn, and why?

Love ya, girls! Keep it up! You have fans!

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