Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fatty McFatterson

I thought it might be a wise idea to let you all know what happened at McDonald's this morning that Jill was talking about (see her post or just scroll down).

I go through McDonald's for breakfast 1 or 2 times a week. I not only order for myself, but for a colleague of mine. I always order 2 number 12 meals (Bacon, egg & cheese bagel) with no breakfast sauce and 2 small coffees.

90% of the time I interact with the same man, either taking my order or giving me my food. Well today I ordered just like normal and drive up to greet him. I was completely floored when I handed him my credit card and he said:

"Do you really think it's healthy for you to eat that much McDonald's everyday?"

Excuse me?! I just looked at him and the only thing I could mutter was "Um, this is for two people." When I wanted to say "Listen here asshole. If it weren't for people like me who are addicted to your bagels, you wouldn't have your job. Plus, if it was just for me, wouldn't it be easier for me to order one large coffee instead of two small ones?!"

The best part? This is what Jill emailed me back when I told her about it this morning:
Next time he says something, if he does...respond by telling him that you think it is none of his GD business what you eat and that maybe he should start looking for a new job, then walk inside, request to speak to the manager and tell him what has happened!

I wish Jill had been there for me this morning. I just hung my head in shame, muttered an excuse and drove off. FML. I think I just broke up with MY McDonald's this morning. I'm heartbroken.

Your McFatty, Rose


ReRe said...

you should have said: did you really think it was healthy to drop out of high school to pursue a dream of working the drive thru?

Under the Influence said...

go back to that mcdonald's, order a shit load of food and then drive through the drive-thru window and flip the asshole off. then keep going.

Private Eyes said...

damn, what a douche. next time you see him tell him that in reference to his comment the other day that "PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE THE REASON YOU HAVE A JOB, so maybe you should keep your comments about how much food I am ordering to yourself."

Melissa said...

ppl r so nosey and rude. its none of his buisness what u do or dont eat.

Miss JC said...

What an ass! Like it's any of his damn business... I'm sure he totally drives over to the Subway and eats the 6 grams and under subs after he leaves work everyday..right.

Gina said...

You have got to be kidding me. I seriously can't believe someone who works at McDonalds is giving you shit about eating there.

insomniaclolita said...

Would go to the manager and give that guy a very harsh time, if it were me. How dare he?

Michelle said...

I would've said "at least I don't work at Mc Donald's"

Courtney said...

what a fucking asshole!

what's the phone # for that mcdonalds, i'll call and talk to the manager!

i got your back, rose!

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