Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekends In Kentucky

This weekend was a great one...I didn't get drunk and I didn't do anything extraordinarily exciting.

I play bassoon in a local concert band, we practice every Thursday night for a couple of hours then have concerts about every 3 or 4 months. Well, I went to rehearsal Thursday night like usual. We have an announcements portion of rehearsal which normally is just updates on the older members of the band who are in the hospital or not doing so well. Anyway, this older woman (probably 65 years old) stood up and said that she had an extra ticket to our local philharmonic's concert for Friday evening. She wanted one of the band members to go with her. You could hear crickets in the silence. So, what did I do? I acted excited and told her I would go with her.
So, I started off my weekend with our local philharmonic's concert. It was absolutely fabulous. If you ever want to have tears brought to your eyes by one piece of music. Listen to Beethoven's 6th. It isn't the most popular Beethoven Symphony, but in my opinion it is one of the best.

Saturday morning, I went to my Uncle's funeral. I found out that my 2 of my uncles are in the Ferrier Hall of Fame. Now for you non-Kentucky people, you might be asking why this is a big deal...Ferriers shoe horses, horses are a big deal in Kentucky. Anyway, here is a link to his Obit...if you are really bored and want to read about it. Don't aren't going to figure out who I am, we don't have the same last name, and he lived in Miami, FL.

So, after the funeral my younger brother and I went shopping to get his girlfriend some perfume for Valentine's Day. We shopped around Macy's for an extended period of time. I spent most of my time at Lush (the best store ever). I bought a whopping $130 worth of stuff from Lush. It was worth it.
My brother also started hinting around that he wanted to get a hotel room for him and his girlfriend, but because he doesn't have a credit card he couldn't get one. I ended up getting him a hotel a discounted price because I knew the girl at the front desk. After the fact, I couldn't believe what I had done...I had just gotten my little brother a hotel room. Either I'm the coolest sister around, or I'm completely stupid. I don't know which one it is.

Valentine's Day night Rach, Meg, Sam (Meg's BF) and me went on a drive...we drove around in the country with the windows open, smoking cigarettes and listening to music entirely way too loud. Oh the things you do in Kentucky when you are bored. We drove along the Kentucky River for about 45 miles...I have no clue where we ended up, all I know is that we had a great time.

Sunday, I cleaned. I cleaned all f'n day. Then Sam (Meg's BF) decided that he needed to have a bonfire. I had never been to one, so I agreed to go.
There were 4 girls there, with like 15 guys, the funny thing being...they were drinking raspberry wine. The girliest drinks ever.
Imagine this...a huge bonfire, hay bales set up to sit on around the fire, lots of boys dressed in Carhartt coveralls, drinking bottles of girly wine. I had a nice chuckle. Oh they were also listening to Indie music. I swear, I have the weirdest friends. I just sat there listening to everyone talk, while drinking my sweet tea.

It was a fabulous weekend, like I said...nothing extraordinarily exciting, no drunken debauchery...just good ole' Kentucky fun.

IDK, your BFF Jill?


Lil' Woman said...

sounds like a pretty chill day...there some of the best!

insomniaclolita said...

I love raspberry wine.

And I definitely love lush products, oooh all those soaps.

Under the Influence said...

I've never met anyone who played a bassoon!

Rose and Jill said...

You baboon. You've been to bon fires with me. Do I need to remind you of the time I tried to go to Cincy, got blown off by the guy, tried to find the party YOU were at, couldn't and called you crying? You picked me up, drove me the 10 minutes to the party and in that time period I had consumed an entire pint of Captain Morgan? Do you not remember our little dates?

Jill, if you can't remember the little things, I'm going to have to end our relationship.

AND what about all the other frat bon fires, did they mean nothing to you??

P.S. I kid, I kid (kinda)

Rose and Jill said...

So, yes those were bonfires. However, I do not remember seeing the fire for any one of those times. I never actually went around the fire, so therefore, I was not at a bonfire...but a camp-out.

Miss JC said...

I love that you play the bassoon..I also love that you know Beethoveen's 6th! You are way cool. Going on "drives" are one of my favorite pasttimes. In fact, I was about to post about my drives and the music we used to listen to when driving! haha! I think you would have lots of fun with my friends here in Oklahoma..we can drive for hours, drink cheap wine, play at bonfires, and a have a FABULOUS time!

Brittany said...

Do you recommend the wine? what kind is it?
I am trying to develop a taste for wine, purely for heart health reasons :)

sounds like my kind of weekend, I love to just chill!

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