Thursday, January 8, 2009

Roll Over Beethoven

Holy shit Batman. Hold the phone. Hell must have just frozen over. Pigs are flying and this girl has a date. So, obviously hell hasn't frozen over and pigs are not flying...but I do have a date.

I met this guy Saturday night. We have some mutual friends and ended up in the same place at the same time. Problem being, the two mutual friends we have in common I have slept with. So, I have a dilema...did they tell him that I'm easy or something and that's why he wants to take me out?

I added him on Facebook (evil, 666) for the hell of it. Soon after he accepted my friendship he wrote me a message. This is what it said:

Hi, Jill! You might remember me, we met not too long ago, at the Smith house. At that house you will always find me happy, hazy, and slightly subdued. Excuse me for jumping ship in exchange for Waffle House, but I was confused and hungry, so I hope you understand. I just read your profile, and I've gathered a few notes to exchange:

- I've tried quitting smoking many times as well, but it seems the only reward is being able to smoke again.
- Way to go with the bassoon! I reached my peak with a plastic recorder in sixth grade.- I used to be very comfortable with eye contact, but then thought differently about it one day. I have yet to recover from that thought process.
- So what do you think Washington's hair really looked like?
- You are the first girl I've encountered that wears a bra to sleep. Kudos, and I hope you don't get nylon rash, or whatever material bras are made of.
-Green is the best color, especially when it comes to shirts. You are correct.

I just lost my train of thought. Its more like a little trolley car anyway. Have a good day!

Needless to say I had to forward that message on to Rose. We laughed about it for quite a while. He has a good sense of humor, from what I remember he's attractive, he has a good job (applications engineer), doesn't live at his parents house (I don't think) and he has no crazy gambling addictions. Hmm...sounds too good to be true.

I am making a pledge to myself. I am NOT going to fuck on the first date, or second, or third. I am going to wait this one out, see what happens. This is a first for me. I don't ever wait it out...god damn, this is going to be hard.

Well, whatever. I'm going on a date. The first one I've been on in uhm 6 months. Damn.



JZ said...

wait... he's not being dismissive and unavailable... I'm turned off already.

Don't you hate that it's so exciting to get a date? Are there tiny, glittering girls out there that get dates all the time who don't think it's miraculous when someone wants to sit down and have a conversation?

Anyways, congrats! And good luck on keeping it in your pants. A Herculean task indeed.

adlibby said...

Fantastic! What'll you wear?! I'll be waiting for the post-date blog of course. I'm living vicariously through you. ;) Have a spectacular, hot heavy steam up the window kissing, date!

Rose and Jill said...

Damn, I hadn't thought of the dressing dilema. I'll probably wear what I wear to work. He's from BFE and he'll be in big town after he gets off work. Any ideas on what to wear?

kalen said...

1) congrats... WOO. *fist pump*

2) i wear a bra to sleep as well. even though my boobs are tiny. it makes no sense.

3) this guy seems witty. i LIKE it.

Melissa said...

good luck on ur date, keep us posted!

Miss JC said...

I love it...and I'm SOOO jealous..;) Have a good time!

Dating Without Pants said...

If wearing a bra to sleep is really rare than I should probably move to Vegas. Good luck with the date!

Ms. Pink Zebra said...

Good luck on not playing on the first date. I just recently tried it and man is it really fucking hard. Just make sure you don't end up at his place or yours and your good for the first date.

I told the Valet guy that I have a rule of "activites" on the first date. And it Kinda. And now 2nd date is dinner and pool after.

Good luck. Have fun. :) And ps. its good to know that others have a problem with...umm...this. lol.

That damn expat said...

Yay! A date! Let us know how it went?

And you wear a bra to bed? Why woman??

Cheryl said...

There is nothing better than a funny guy to go on a date with! Good luck!

PS, I've never understood why you shouldn't wear a bra to bed..

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