Thursday, January 22, 2009

Damn, I work tooooo hard...

I am a blog slacker. However, I'm sure no one missed my ramblings that much...
On that note I have to say, I am extremely hyper. I apparently missed my dose of Adderall this morning.

Here is a list of things I have done today at work:
1. Taken WAY too many Facebook quizzes. I apparently have an IQ of over 140. I am a genius when it comes to grammar. I am classier than 97% of people on Facebook. My name is classified as "sexy". But yet I can't seem to pass a high school knowledge test. Damn.
2. Danced around in the parking lot doing the "Daisy Duck Dance" as Rose fondly calls it. Might I add, she does it much better than me.
3. Demonstrated ski jumping, slalom skiing, hula-hooping and running on the Wii...mind you, we don't have a Wii at work...I was outside smoking.
4. Sang the Time-warp song from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the top of my lungs while going outside to smoke (people at work love me).
5. Eaten like 1500 Hershey's kisses.
6. Smoked 6 cigarettes.
7. Contemplated the question, "What Would Kenny G. Do?" for about an hour.
8. Immitated the way a Geisha walks when someone's phone started ringing.
9. Freaked some woman out with a baby doll that I found in a co-workers car, while sitting in the drive thru window at McDonalds. I made the baby doll do a shimmy and then it waved to the woman and the man following her.
10. Talked about the "poop song" to my boss. It's some kids song that teaches kids how to use the toilet...stupid. But it is done by the Barenaked Ladies...much better than any Wiggles song or other shit that parents make kids listen to.

Well, this just makes me seem like I have done nothing today. I have actually been productive! I closed like 3 cases and finished all my follow-ups. I would tell you about what I do for a living, but know the consequences. They aren't good. Let's just say that I have some really "important" job and that I make massive amounts of money *cough*.

Oh and be ready for tomorrow morning's post. I wrote it yesterday. It's a Fucked Up Friday post for the books!!!



Life at the White House said...

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t schedule posts? I do know – I wouldn’t blog much and about 2 people would read my blog annually. I’m doing really well if I post something during the week. I usually spend several hours on Sunday writing all kinds of random crap for the next week.

PS – your day sounds awesome by the way. I misread the part about you demonstrating the Wii. I thought you actually had a Wii at your office – I was about to be pissed, super jealous and ask if your place of employment is hiring. ;-)

Brittany said...

Your day sounds fabulous!!
And since you can't tell us what you do, that just made me even more intrigued!!!
Ugh my curiosity will be the death of me!

you should skip your adderall more often :)

*PinkNic* said...

Can't wait! :)

Miss JC said...

You are so fun! I wish that I worked with you. I LOVE Rocky Horror Picture show too! I went to see it LIVE at the lyric theater at midnight on Halloween. It was fantastic and Rocky was SUPER hot!

PoisonIvy068 said...

lol...sounds like a fun day to me...i just sit at work on the computer and sneak out to smoke cigs by myself... :)

Gina said...

Want to know what I did at work today during my plan time? Figured out which blogs weren't blocked by my work internet. And...wrote them down.

Under the Influence said...

I don't smoke, but your smoke breaks sound like so much fun I want to join you there!

Melissa said...

cant wait til next post

Courtney said...

'Daisy Duck Dance"?

I'm going to need to know precise directions.


Cheryl said...

I'm really interested in this dance of yours.

Bella@That damn expat said...

Pass the cigarettes.

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