Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back from Gatlinburg & totally exhausted.

1. When you're in a hot tub outside & it's less than 32 degrees outside your hair will freeze.

2. Greatest conversation ever with my dad and brothers one night:
Big Brother: When I was in the military and would get off the boat in whatever country, prostitutes would throw themselves on us...
Me: Did you ever fuck a prostitute?
BB: No, some of them didn't have eyes
Little Brother: No eyes?
Dad: It's called skull-fucking

3. I learned to play Texas Hold 'Em. I kicked ass and took names. I outplayed all the females and probably would have outplayed the males had I tried. I got bored of playing after 3 hours, went all in on a hand I knew I had no chance on, and went out.

4. We went to the aquarium yesterday. Towards the end, we all had Dippin' Dots. While walking around Gatlinburg, Sam started feeling sick and threw up. We thought it was the ice cream. Turns out, it was virus. My sister in law, niece, LB's girlfriend & Sam spent all last night taking turns in the bathroom. I put hand sanitizer everywhere and put my shirt over my face to breathe.

5. On the way home today some assholes decided it would be a good idea to string powerlines so we sat on the interstate for over an hour.

6. My favorite part of the trip: I went into the coach outlet (not planning on buying anything) and found this:

The purse I've been having wet dreams about for months. Except they had it in plum. The exact color in my dreams. Originally $498 (why don't they just make it an even 500? It's not like people say, "Oh! It's 2 bucks less than 500, I have to get it!"). I grabbed this little baby on the 50% off rack and used a 10% coupon handed to me at the door. All mine for $216.

So yeah, it wasn't that exciting, but I had a blast spending time with my family and doing virtually nothing for four days!



*PinkNic* said...

Welcome back! I LOVE that bag!

Gina said...

So glad you are back. Love the bag...even more because it was a steal. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you don't get sick!

Cheryl said...

HAHAHA "skullfucking" seriously caught my attention, and it's even funnier that your dad said it!

Cute bag! Purple is such a popular color this year.

Life at the White House said...

SHUT UP! Damn you! I am dying to have that purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

50% percent off?!?!

My hubby bought me a super cute Coach purse in June for our anniversary - it has the "C" logo on it and pink accents....very pretty, but I love this one! I just can't make myself buy it since I got this other one not that long ago.

Good for you. But I still hate you a little for it. ;-)


Under the Influence said...

Coach is my all time favorite! I need to check out the outlet, it seems.

Melissa said...

glad u had fun

Bella@That damn expat said...

Skullfucking? That's hilarious!

PoisonIvy068 said...

lol...your dad is hilarious!

Sara said...

This is probably the funniest blog I have ever seen. Your dad's comment and the story about vomit made me laugh out loud. I can't wait to read more!

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