Friday, January 23, 2009

All I wanted to do was get FUF'ed!

After Rose and I graduated from college I pretty much lived at her parents' house. I was there everyday, and spent the night most nights...I even had a blow up mattress on Rose's floor. Anyway, one night after a long day of doing something we decided it would be a genius idea to drink heavily. A trip to the local liquor store was in order.

For some reason whenever I enter that particular liquor store, my beverage of choice usually ends up being whiskey. I walked out of the liquor store with my fifth of whiskey, Rose had enough beer for 6 people.

To get the party started Jay (Rose's brother-in-law) decided that we should play a game of Kings. I hadn't played that drinking game in a while, so I agreed...soon everyone was in. Three games later and all of us were schnockered.

Sam was so drunk he was smoking cigarettes (which he only does if he is obliterated). B (Rose's sister, Jay's wife) became the funniest person ever and the rest of the crew were just trying to figure out all the damn rules for Kings.

We took a short break for shots of whiskey...Or I took a short break for shots of whiskey. And of course being the kind person I am, I wanted other people to take some shots with me. So, Sam and T (Rose's younger brother) come over. They each had two shots, but it may as well had been 10 because they hated the taste so much!

We resumed our game and were having a great time. During the game, B said something which made Sam bust out into laughter, he spit beer everywhere. Then he ran out the door. We (being trashed) thought maybe he was just pissed that he spit beer everywhere and that alcohol had been wasted. Though, when Rose went to check on him...she quickly found out that he had puked all over the place! He came back in blaming me, saying that it was the whiskey that made him puke. Whatever...

T walked into the main house, stood there for a minute then looked at Rose and said "Open the door." She just kind of looked at him with a blank stare. Next thing we knew he was flying out the door trying to project his vomit over the railing. Yuck.

This is where things begin to get really interesting. The drinking part of the night was over...on to more important sex.

Being the perennially single girl, my friends are always trying to hook me up with someone. Rose had Sam, and B had Jay... All I wanted was some lovin'.

Rose and Sam decide that it is a good idea that me and T (Rose's younger brother who had just turned 18...I was 22 at the time) needed to do the hibbity dibbity. I think this was just so they could have some "alone time"...if you know what I mean. Sam plants the idea into T's head. He goes for it!

I must digress for a minute...Rose if you are reading this I apologize in advance...ROSE'S BROTHER IS F'N HOTT!! Like there has never been a girl that I know of who has thought anything different.

So T comes into the room I was sleeping, he lays on the floor for a bit...then talks me into coming to his room. Anyway, the activities begin...soon we hear a voice downstairs. "T, what the fuck are you doing walking around at this time of night? You're shaking the whole damn house!" You see, his bed creaked too much so we moved to the floor (he had rug-burn for weeks). This turned out to be a horrible idea because Rose's parents room was below T's room. We had woken up the parents!!

That's where things get fuzzy. I remember scrambling to find my clothes, sneaking back into Rose's room, then somehow I ended up in another bed with T again!

I'll spare you of the graphic details, but let's just say we finished the deed...and it was good, or at least I enjoyed it.

And that is the story of how I ended up sleeping with Rose's younger brother, who was barely legal and rather attractive.




PoisonIvy068 said...

lol...get it jill! : )

Life at the White House said...

oh my goodness! i read this on my iPhone this morning while still in bed and couldn't stop thinking about how my best friend would have killed me!!!

very funny.

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

LoL! So, MAYBE I made out with my bff's brother when he was 15...and their dad MAY remind me of it any chance he gets. :)

*PinkNic* said...

Hahaha! The best part is waking Rose's parents up then carrying on in another room!

Bella@That damn expat said...

Rose, I'm cringing for you.

Dating Without Pants said...

They alllwwwaayyyysss say they are 18. You cradle robbin' girl you.

Miss JC said...

Now THAT was a story! hehehe! good times, good times..:)

Brittany said...

You are Rose are REALLY good friends!!
My best friend's little brother is 16 and I have to keep reminding myself of that because he has this edward cullen thing goin on and I am like "itsagainstthelawitsagainstthelawitsagainstthelaw"
glad you both had a good time!!

Ms. Pink Zebra said...

That was fuckin the best story I have heard!! Wow!! It was hilarious!!

Haha. I love it! :)

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