Monday, January 19, 2009


Or at least that's what I feel like yelling.

I have it out for myself.
Today is supposed to be a day off...gotta love working somewhere where you get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. Too bad I'm sitting here at work. It's a long story, but basically I am making up time.
I also apparently don't like nice guys. I kept wondering to myself why it was so easy for me to say goodnight to Mr. Wonderful at the end of each of our dates. It's because I'm not f'n attracted to him. Yes, he is attractive and yes, he does have a good job. He's just not interesting enough. I tried REALLY hard to like him. I tried to tell myself that I'm not used to being treated like a queen and that's why I was having issues. But no, my only issue is that he just isn't for me. Well, that'll be a fun one to explain to him.
I dig myself deep into holes, then I don't realize I'm in a hole until it's too deep to climb out. Currently I'm in about 15 holes and well, I can't get out of any of them.

On a better note, I am getting a third roommate. I'm pretty stoked about this. She has the most amazing dog and cats...I am just afraid as to how my kitten is going to react to all of this change. Eh, my rent will be going down. Little Gus (the cat) is just going to have to get over it.

Sorry for all the ranting and incoherence. I'm not in a great mood. It's a Monday, you must excuse me.



Miss JC said...

Well, at least you are figuring out that he isn't for you this early in the game. It's easy to feel bad when you don't like a nice guy, but sometimes it's just not there! You can't force yourself to like someone even if they are a good person....but you know that. I told my friend the other day, "Hey! I think I like this guy..and he isn't an alcoholic..isn't that awesome?" Yeah..I go for the winners.

Bella@That damn expat said...

Yeah, what the person before me said. You don't like him, you don't like him.
Someone you like will come.

Gina said...

Oh! I hate when that happens. I have dated my fair share of nice guys who I tried really hard to like, and the connection just wasn't there. Don't give up on nice guys though...I married one (after I married an asshole) and it was the best decision I ever made.

Under the Influence said...

Thankfully you didn't figure that out five to ten years and two kids into a marriage! THAT would suck.

Rose and Jill said...

Eh, I didn't like him anyway. So what if I didn't know him. Seemed kind of lame trying to bring you milk when you didn't have any and all that jazz. Entirely. Too. Nice. Just go for a man still technically married... worked for me :)

Yours Truly,

AnneNguyen said...

yeah sometimes attractive men arent really that attractive if you know what i mean.

its okay to be working, at least your making money rather than sitting at home doing nothing especially with recession and all!

good luck with you rroommate! i hate living with other people.. (mostley strangers) because they always tend to turn out wierd.. haha

Melissa said...

sorry ur monday was bad

Cheryl said...

If he doesn't strike your interest, move on. There will be someone who does.
Sorry you're having a bad day, but the decrease in rent sounds pretty good!

Brittany said...

What you need is a pint of ben and jerry's
a great movie
and comfy sweatpants.

turn off the phone and tune out the world!

And just think, 3 days till friday!!!!

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