Friday, January 2, 2009

I Believe

I believe that "sleeping on it" is always a good idea. But only if you are in a comfy bed...if you were sleeping on a rock, I would then be against it.

I believe that if your $400 Dooney makes you feel like a million bucks, it's worth every penny spent.

I believe that everyone has a special someone out there. It might just take longer for some to find him or her. I'm still hoping I find mine.

I believe in forgiving people, for yourself...not for them.

I believe that drinking alone does not make you an alcoholic. It's the drinking that can do it...

I believe that a true, platonic friendship can rarely occur between a man and a woman. I usually end up fucking my guy friends anyway...

I believe that you can't help who you love. Trying to understand why you love who you do will eventually lead to costly therapy appointments.

I believe that money provides freedom, freedom provides happiness.

I believe that you can love someone more deeply and clearly than ever before, but that person may still be the wrong person for you. Knowing this does not always bring actually will usually bring anguish.

I believe that forgiving someone does not mean that you need/have to be friends with them.

I believe playing with your pet will actually make you happier and possibly relieve some stress.

I believe that a cleaning-spree is a good way to cleanse yourself mentally.

I believe that if you spend time to yourself, you will learn to listen to yourself more. You will eventually be able to take the advise you give to others and apply it to your life.

I believe being 'complicated' doesn't make you interesting.

I believe people need to let go.

I believe in taking long drives on roads you don't know.

IDK, Your BFF Jill?


Courtney said...

i believe that this was an awesome post.

andddd... that also my dooney does make me feel like a million bucks. since i had to send christina the purse today, i had to switch over to it and change it up from the coach! :)

Courtney said...

p.s. i also dislike suri cruise and like... no, wait, LOVE sonic commercials. especially the "shake" one.

*PinkNic* said...

I agree with everything you just said...great post!

Bridget said...

I love, love, love this post.

Miss JC said...

I LOOOVE this. I especially agree with the part about being friends with the opposite sex...almost impossible to stay "just friend." And sadly, the person you might love the most can truly be the wrong person for you. Yep. Four years later, I'm still trying to figure that one out!

Courtney said...

rose- yes, the purse is pretty amazing. is yours giraffe print, too?


Life at the White House said...

this list is priceless and very, very true.

especially the part about having a "guy friend"! never seems to work that way for long.

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