Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moody Monday & Terrible Tuesday.

This has been on my mind since yesterday morning. I just read on yahoo news that stress and anxiety can cause nightmares. I had a horrible one last night, so I figure maybe blogging about what's bothering me will help will help.

A girl at work was fired (or layed off depending on who you speak to) yesterday. I realize these things happen, it always sucks and I feel terrible for her.

Here are the reasons this is bothering me so much:

1. The way it happened. The Big Boss Man (BBM) & HR Lady (HRL) waited. They waited until she came in Monday morning (I knew something was up when both BBM & HRL were in the office before 8:15). They acted all chirpy and said "Hey, C, can we see you in BBM's office?" She was all "Sure!" Then they dropped the bomb.

2. They escorted her out of the building. You don't get to leave with any type of composure. She was being escorted out by HRL while EVERYONE was coming into work. When you're no longer an employee of the company, you get walked to the front door and you turn your key over in front of anyone who is down there. Most people come in at 8:30 (which was when it occured), but don't leave at a specific time). Could they not have waited until the end of the day so the entire office didn't have to watch her turn over the key with tearful sobs and let the poor girl keep her dignity?

3. She wasn't given the option of cleaning out her desk. HRL goes and gets a box and packs up everything (we work in a cubes so it's on display for the whole world to see) and mails it to you. She was shit out of luck if there was anything you needed in there.

4. Work said they were going to give her 8 hours of paid time for coming in. "Gee, Company, you're so generous. Thanks for the 8 hours, still have no effing clue how i'll make rent this month ..."'

5. BBM & HRL won't say if it's a layoff or a fire. This is very important information. If it's a layoff there are sure to be more coming; if it's a fire then possibly not.

And the reason it pisses me off the most???

When the BBM's ass-kisser found out her response was "Yeah, I've known for a week." She's not a manager, she's not a supervisor, she's just a regular worker like the rest of us. She has no right to know.

One of my smoker friends H has a lot of insite for the Company. He's older and has worked here for several years and knows the ropes. A couple weeks ago he mentioned that he had a feeling it was coming and gave the inner smoker circle his idea of who the first 4 to go would be. He was correct with the first one. I just wonder if he'll be right with the other 3...

Yes, I realize this is somewhat of a pointless post/rant & if you finished reading it, thank you. I'm cranky from lack of sleep (thank you, nightmares!) and just frustrated with Company right now. I'll be back with something more delightfully inappropriate later.

Pissed off & Cranky,


Deutlich said...

In your shoes, I think I'd be equally freaked out and just as worried.

Melissa said...

thats a horrible thing they did to her, their definatley was a better way to do that..yeah I realized when i got older that stress and anxiety cause nightmares. all thru school I had nightmares...I hated school, it was torture for me. When i graduated the nightmares stopped.

Cheryl said...

That's a terrible layoff someone, and BBM-asskisser sounds like someone I would dropkick.

*PinkNic* said...

I can't believe they would ESCORT someone out of the building like a criminal or something when all they did was turn up to work! That's humiliating. Don't they have a BIT of decency?

Jaded Jill said...

whoa. all this layoff stuff and people losing jobs makes me wicked nervous

Something In The Glass said...

Ugh, for some reason, my comment didn't save. Here goes again, second verse same as the first...

The chick that got fired should be informed that BBM's Butt Kisser knew about it before it happened. I'm no HR guru, but BBM behaved unprofessionally and unethically by discussing this with anyone other than anyone on a need to know basis, which could set the employer up for a lawsuit, or at the very least, an HR nightmare. Maybe if Fired Chick raises enough hell about it, then HRL will be walking BBM out and mailing HIS shit to HIM in a box.

By the way, found this blog through Where the Green Grass Grows and am loving it!

Bridget said...

At my last job, one of the ladies I worked with was fired. EVERYONE knew about it days beforehand. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I have been through at work. When they laid me off last summer, I was almost happy. I miss my paychecks but I do not miss the toxic environment.

Take deep breaths, love. It will be okay.

Rachel said...

Good post!

When people get laid off/fired, it's like they die. They disappear.

So you feel like a survivor, like a funeral attendee. It takes a week to a month to get over the trauma.

Now, to be the one who gets fired.....laid off, that feels like dying.

So really, it's all about death. And it sucks.

High-heel gal said...

That is horrible the way she was let go. I don't know what I would do if it happened to me. I know you're supposed to have at least 6 months rent saved, probably for instances such as this but honestly, who is able to do that?!

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