Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Would you like a cookie? Or perhaps a small parade...

Around 7pm last night, a friend/fuck buddy of mine called me, we'll call him F/FB. He told me that he was in town from Chiropractic school and that he wanted to hang out. Now, I haven't had a lay since early July...I didn't think anything would happen.

F/FB had been in a relationship up until about a month ago. I was the girl he came running to for advise on how to deal with the heartache of breaking up. I haven't ever been the relationship kind of girl. You could say I'm a commitment-phobic. Hence the reason I probably have such a big problem with that damn Beyonce song. Why the hell would he come to me for relationship advice other than he was now considering me a friend. Anyway, if he hadn't moved me into the friend category, I had moved him there. He was just a friend...without benefits.

So, we decide that he should come over to hang out. Well, he brings 3 of his friends along (one of which I have slept with). We sit around watching any Adult Swim cartoon we could find, drinking and smoking cigarettes. It was a good time.

Then F/FB falls asleep on the floor. Time flies by and it's 3am. Good God, I have to be at work at 7am! So much for that...Perks to having a job where as long as I work an 8 hour day I can come in anywhere between 7 and 9am. Needless to say, I was still in bed at 8am this morning!
All of F/FB friends decide they need to go home to bed, so they leave F/FB laying on the floor asleep.

Me being the nice person I can sometimes be, I wake F/FB up and tell him that if he wants to stay at my apartment I'll get him a blanket and pillow. He agrees this is a good idea. So, I'm laying in bed half asleep when I hear a knock on my bedroom door. F/FB walks in. He tells me that he's "had a bad dream."

So again, I decide that I'll be a nice person and tell him that he can share my bed with me. Great idea...Jill's gonna get some. Within 5 minutes we are "making out." Might I add, he's a great kisser and he's even better in bed... The rest of the story is probably not appropriate for the blog world, so I'll just say that F/FB has now moved back out of the friend category and into the fuck buddy category.

Yay me. I broke my 4 month hiatus!!! Be proud.

IDK, Your incredibly happy BFF Jill?


That damn expat said...

He told you he had a bad dream? lol

I love the new design!

Rose and Jill said...

That's exactly what he said...I cracked up.
Thanks dear! The new layout is what I did yesterday at work instead of working!!

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