Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eggnog? Sounds like a plan!

This is the first Christmas where I haven't lived at my parents house. I went to college, but during Christmas I was right there with Mom and Dad living at their house. This year I live about 20 minutes away from them in an apartment that isn't decorated to the nines and just doesn't feel like home.

Every Christmas Eve my family (both sides) gets together for finger foods and then goes to the Christmas Eve service at my parents church. This plan still stands this year, except when I leave church I am not going to return with the rest of my family to the house. I will be on my way back to my lonely, un-Christmas apartment.
My roommate isn't even going to be there tonight. It's going to be me and the kitten.

This Christmas is also different in that, this is the first Christmas season that I haven't enjoyed. I am just ready for it all to be over and done with. The weather outside hasn't been frightful (except for the icy roads last night) and the fire hasn't been delightful (it hasn't been cold enough to have one). It's a whopping 50 degrees outside right now!! This would be considered Christmas weather if you were in say, Southern California, or perhaps Mexico. But Kentucky??? It could be April, I mean April showers do bring May flowers, and it is pouring outside.
***I apologize for all the cliche phrases in the paragraph above.***

I think I need to have an attitude adjustment. Maybe tonight while I'm at my apartment, I''ll drink massive amounts of egg nog, just to get myself in the spirit of Christmas.

Joy, Santa is going to be here at work in 5 minutes. Maybe I can go sit on his lap and request a big slap in the face...maybe it'll knock me all the way into next Christmas. Though I do have to say, having everyone's kids here at work kind of livens things up.

But for those of you getting into the holiday should probably go to It's great. Trust me...I made myself into the Baby Jesus yesterday, then I sat in fear thinking that lightning was going to strike me. I'm going to hell.

I will leave you with this.

Happy Holidays!


IDK, your BFF Jill?


That damn expat said...

Girl, spend the night at your parents place! Why be alone if it bothers you?

Rose and Jill said...

I ended up staying at my parents younger brother gave me his bed just so I would stay. I did end up having massive amounts of eggnog though!

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