Friday, December 12, 2008


Quite a while ago I was evesdropping overheard a woman talking about Ashley Madison. Now I quite enjoy a little gossip, so obviously my ears perked up a tad. This lady went on to speak of Ashley Madison, who in fact is not a person at all, but a website. Apparently, this website was made for the sole purpose to find someone to cheat on your significant other / spouse with. Really? What the feck..

Fast forward to the night before my birthday. As normal, Jill came over to celebrate. We were hanging out: smoking cigarettes, checking our myspace and/or facebook and drinking adult beverages. While looking at my adult beverage, it dawned on me; I had forgotten to tell Jill about this new mysterious adult website I had heard of!

I quickly filled her in on what I knew:
1. There was a website which is only there to help you find a way to cheat.
2. I wanted to see if there was any one we knew on there
3. We needed to check it out immediately
4. I had totally forgotten the website's name. Bust. No Dice.

So we did a little research (by looking up cheating websites) and viola!
Of course, it's private. Why wouldn't it be? Shot Down. Then the best idea Jill ever had, "Let's just make up a name." Well that involved a little more then just making up a name. That included a false email address because no way our real email was going to become attached to this site. The name just came to me in an instant, "Married2Mingle." Straight to the point, I like it. No, actually, I LOVE it.

We sign in as Married2Mingle and made up a profile, complete with a picture of "brunette bride" (Hey, if we're making a profile, we may as well go all the way!). The profile was obviously all about sex: what you're into, what you're looking for, etc. We went all the way, I'll spare you of the raunchy, and I do mean raunchy, details.

*PING* "Jill, what the feck was that?" Jill looked around the website and hot damn! We had a message. From a man. Who wanted to chat with us (or rather with Married2Mingle). Well, why the hell not.

I don't recall this man's name, so we'll just call him Johnny. Johnny started telling us how interested he would be in meeting us for "casual sex." Well, Johnny, that's a negative from Rose & Jill, but Married2Mingle? She's up for anything. We go on telling this guy that our child is asleep, the husband works second shift, we live behind the local watering hole, etc. He is persistent and tells us he would like to meet at the wal-mart that is across from our made up residence. (We kept stressing about the sleeping baby but Johnny was pretty adamant to meet Married). We tell him to meet us in the wal-mart parking lot at 2am and we'll be in the black Jetta. He'll be in the champagne Lexus SUV.

He apparently couldn't text us anymore because he was out of coins or something (pretty much, you pay to chat with people.) Which, by the way, if people pay to instant message us, does that make us prostitutes? I don't think so because technically he was talking to Married2Mingle, not Jill & Rose.

Jill & I have a debate over if we should go. Since, obviously, he'd never know it was us. Eh, why the hell not? Let's see if this fool actually drives 45 minutes for casual sex. We pull into Wal-Mart and low and behold, what do we see? A black Jetta. No fecking way. Who is next to the Jetta, but THE CHAMPAGNE SUV. Holy shit, batman, Johnny showed! When he realized that the driver of the car was not Married2Mingle, off he went driving around looking for her! He was zipping in and out of the parking lot. Johnny was serious. Jill & I decided it would be best to watch from a gas station parking lot. We see this creepster drive around for several minutes and next thing we know, he's going towards the neighborhood in we said we lived in! Wtf, crazy stalker? When we see him go back to Wal-mart, we decided it was time to head home. He would just continue to drive all night looking for Married

The whole thing made me feel quite uneasy. At first it was funny, then dirty. I didn't suspect that people would actually meet. I figured it would be people like us, just getting a good kick out of it. But this leads us to the big Q: who is Ashley Madison & why does she want other's to cheat??
P.S. The next morning we signed on the AM & Johnny had written a note: "Sorry we missed each other. I'd love to try again some time." No. Absolutely fucking not.


IDK, my BFF Rose?


Courtney said...

Are you kidding me?! I can't believe they actually have a website for cheating on your spouse... whoever came up with that one should be ashamed.

I LOVE your guys' blog! My best friend and I have been doing one together, too! You guys should check it out:

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