Friday, December 19, 2008

I now present FUF

After reading Christina & Courtney's idea for theme post days; we came up with our own.

We now present to you: Tales of FUF (or Fucked Up Fridays). We came up with the name back in the good ol' days of college. Every Friday when Jill & I would get off work we would go crazy (Not that we didn't every other night of the week, Friday was just the craziest night of the week). We caught onto our trend of binge partying and decided to start calling our favorite day of the week "Fucked Up Friday" or FUF when we were around others

Sit back, relax and have a drink (or as with FUF tradition, 10) while I share a story of the worst night of my life.

It was my junior year in college. After each semester, there would be a blow out DRUNKFEST party at a local bar. I wasn't 21 yet, but they did let minors in. This called for pre-gaming. Lots and lots of pre-gaming. I decided an early dinner of drinks only would be a good place to start. I knew several waiters around town so this wasn't a problem. I had decided I would have a tequila night (What the fuck was I thinking?). I started off with SEVERAL tequila sunrises. Not so bad. We got back to our dorm room and I mixed a margarita. I was nice and toasted by this point. Good call (or so I thought) since I wouldn't be able to drink at the bar

Well, fast forward to the bar. My Big in the sorority somehow managed to get me the sacred 21 & up bracelet. (I had put lotion on my hands before they gave the X of death so it could quickly be wiped away).

So I drank. A lot. Of shots (I'd say at least 10). I was guzzling drinks like it was my 21st birthday. I was mixing liquors. I didn't care what I had to drink. I was doing shots of Washington Apple (which I thought was called a Werthington Apple), Tequila, Whiskey. You have a shot called "Fucked Up?" GIVE IT TO ME NOW! You name it, I consumed it. You know what comes next.... I staggered to the bathroom and let the liquid contents of my tum go. I guess I was ready for a puking rally that night, because one I left that bathroom, I was ready for round 10 through 20 of shots.

I don't remember much after that, so this is all from the mouth of Jill. My friend, we'll call her M, had to carry me out of the bar at approximately 12-1 am. I puked on her leg and when I pointed it out (um, in case she missed the heaving sound and liquid seeping through her jeans) she casually said "they're your jeans, it doesn't matter." They ended up in my laundry. I just threw them away.

Well, Jill gets me into the bathroom in our dorm so I could continue the rally. I asked for a bottle of water and she returned with one and as soon as I took a sip, it sprayed out of my mouth. I had filled up an empty bottle of water with rum. Not what you want to have in the middle of a rally.

I do remember this. I looked at Jill and said "I can't see. I need my glasses." Jill was all "You don't need your glasses,you moron. You're just plowed." And I was all, "No way. I'm BLIND!" Well, she gave me my glasses. I put them on and realized I still couldn't see, got pissed & threw them against the wall. Shattered. That was fun explaining to Mom & Dad.

That was the first & last time tequila has ever been in my body.

IDK, my BFF Rose?


Bridget said...

Oh dear... that makes my stomach hurt just reading it!

MacGirl said...

Holy crap. I Have only been pissy drunk one time. The last thing I remember saying was "where did vanilla ice go?" Next thing I know I was waking up the next morning on my friends couch..STILL drunk!

Deutlich said...

Oh good grief that sounds horrible.

Tequila sunrises AND Washington Apples??

Plus 20,000 other things?!

Sounds like my 24th birthday


Rose and Jill said...

It was the craziest night ever. I also went off on about 3 people including Rose's Big Sis. It was a night for the books, but not the craziest FUF ever. Just wait...there will be more!

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