Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pirates?!?! You've GOT to be kidding me!

This is the mental image I get when the term "Pirate" comes up. I think of how Pirates hijack/live on big, wooden ships that have the "Jolly Roger" flying overhead and how they love women, booze, shiny objects and money just like me (not the women, but the booze, shiny objects and money).

It may just be me, but when I think of Pirates, Somali people just don't come to mind. However, the Somali Pirates are the only Pirates these days that people are talking about.

These Somali Pirates don't have the characteristics of any Pirates I know. You caught me, I don't really know any Pirates, but I sure have seen a bunch of them on TV and in movies. These are the only Pirates worth worrying about.

So, Pirates are supposed to hijack and live on big wooden ships with the "Jolly Roger" flying above. These Somali Pirates, they seem to choose big freighters that look like a metal box floating in water. Really? They could have at least chosen a pretty ship to hijack. As you can see to the right...These Somali Pirates most definitely are NOT on pretty Pirate ships. They choose to ride in what looks almost like a life raft! I bet the Titanic would have loved to have several of those bad boys when it was going down. AND- They are hijacking a metal box, come on.

Now, I have to give it to the Somali Pirates. Over the past year they have been paid an estimated $150 million in ransoms. Congratulations, choosing the ugly ships instead of the pretty ones paid off...I know there is a life lesson in there somewhere, but I just can't pull it out.

Aren't Pirates supposed to fight and defend themselves with swords (and the occasional hook)? These Pirates have AK-47s, rocket launchers and grenades. Whoa there...they have crazy weaponry, but they are riding in crappy boats. What the feck? I don't know about you, but it looks to me as if the guy on the left is holding a bassoon and the guy next to him is holding a large stick. Notice that the fourth guy looks like he is holding a seashell up to his ear.

I don't know about you, but I don't think that I can call these guys Pirates. To be a Pirate is more than just hijacking ships and stealing money...It's a lifestyle.

IDK, my BFF Jill?

P.S. So, I got really into researching these "Pirates"...I then found this and had a quick chuckle.
It was quoted on CBS' The Morning Show that one of the "Pirates" said hijacking a cargo ship was "extraordinarily easy." Whichever of the Somali Pirates said that should know that being a REAL Pirate is no easy task, just ask Hook...he lost his hand to a ticking crocodile!


adlibby said...

When I think of pirates -- I still think of Johnny Depp. Be careful out there -- I heard on the radio that pirate attacks are up 70%! Seriously!

... how do they quantify that, do you think?

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