Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Ballad of Rose & Jill

The story of Jill & Rose began in early spring 2004. Jill & Rose were in their second semester of their freshman year at Liberal Arts College, KY. Rose was taking an art appreciation class and had to write a paper about an art exhibit that was mandatory for class completion. Of course, being the slacker that she is, Rose never went. She was too busy drinking studying to make it. The night before said paper was due, Rose began to panic. Then a little birdie told her that there was a girl named Jill who was very involved with the art department who might be able to assist her. Rose went to Jill’s room as nervous as a girl whose about to lose her virginity. She knocked on the door and when Jill answered she just blurted out “A little birdie told me you would give me a synopsis of the art exhibit for my paper!” Jill agreed, but only because she felt Rose was a kindred spirit, as Jill was a boozer procrastinator herself. Thus, the Ballad of Jill & Rose began. The two became inseparable at that moment


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