Thursday, March 26, 2009

Batter OUT.

We have a work softball team. I was asked to be on it but politely declined. See story below:

When I was in middle school my sister (age 12) and I (age 13) played softball. We played on the same team, the Bandits. Our uniforms were black. Pretty badass if you ask me. Sis and I always played in positions that work together (I was pitcher, she was catcher). We decided to try something new, me on first base & she was on second.

She sprained her ankle and was out for a week or 2. Since we live in Small Town, the odds of us not knowing each girl in our age group (and interacting with them daily at school) was slim to none. Everyone knew she had been hurt; she was on crutches.

She was finally able to play a game and I was stoked. Her first game back was against the Bears (okay, I totally made that up. I have no flippin' clue the team name). My entire family showed up including parents, grandparents and brothers.

It was that game when a Heartless Bitch (that is what I like to refer to her as. From here on known as HB) almost ruined my entire summer league career.

HB came up to bat. She hit a double. She ran past me and then went running to second base. Sis was off to the side waiting to have the ball thrown to her.

HB pummeled into her. The knock you down, make you roll, dust flying kind of push. On purpose. There was no way it was accidental as Sis was closer to short stop than second base. When the ump stopped the game to check on Sis she shook it off. I knew she was hurt. Call it sister's intuition if you will.


HB came back up to bat and hit a single. Perfect timing. I knew there would be 30 seconds or so where I could get a word in.

"Hey. I saw what you did to my sister," I whispered.

"I don't know what you're talking about." HB replied.

"You're a fucking liar. You know what you did. You're a coldhearted bitch. You fucking ran into her on purpose because you knew she was hurt. I swear to God if you as so much as look at my sister when you get to her base I will fucking kill you. If not during the game, I'll meet you at your dugout after," I said through clenched jaws.

Woah, Rose. Went a little far, didn't ya? What kind of 13 year old talks like that? Oh, yeah. I forgot, me.

Next thing I know the umpire is in my face because HB told him that I was threatening her. Great. I had to play all innocent (which I admit, I pulled off very well). The ump warned me if there was ever an incident with me again I would be kicked out of the league. My coach took my side against HB, made a scene and ended up being ejected from the game.

When the game resumed I walked back towards first base while giving HB the best bitch smile I could muster. A cold smile full of hatred that meant business. I knew I had won, she was scared. HB didn't even glance at my sister while running towards 2nd, in fact she kept her eyes down. She knew better not too.

Of course, my family knew what had happened. They knew me too well. I ended up with a pat on the shoulder from Mom for taking up for Sis.

It takes a lot for me to get pissed off to that degree, but when I do the person antagonizing me (or someone I'm close with) is toast. You know, if HB had done it again, I probably would have beaten her to a pulp. I'm just like that for the ones I love (and yes, Jill is included in this category). Lucky for her, she was smart enough not to look at my sister for the rest of the summer.

I just can't let my coworkers see this side of me ...yet

Sometimes a Fighter and Not a lover,


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...that is great...I love the "what kind of 13 year oold talk like that...oh me!"....classic! :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you stood up for your sister! I would have clawed the girls eyes out.

Under the Influence said...

Damn! How are your HS reunions? Is HB there?

Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

I wish you were in my family! I'm soooo so bad at standing up for myself! x

mrsjc said...

I'm the same way. My best friend and I played basketball together in High School. This bitch knocked her down during a game and she ended up being taken out on a stretcher in a neck brace. Seriously! It was brutal. So when the game resumed I knocked the hell out of that bitch. She was out the rest of the game.

Gina said...

I bet you really did talk like that when you were 13. That's all kinds of awesome.

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

LOVE it! haha. I would never do that for my sister, then again we aren't that close. We fought too much as kids to stick up for each other. I think we would rather just watch the other one get in trouble.....

Constructive Attitude said...

I think you joining the baseball league at work will make for more amusing posts.

i say, DO IT!

Barefoot Blogger said...

I also totally had the mouth of a trucker at 13 (still do), but I would have loved to have been as feisty/violent/angry as you back then!
My own damn mom pitched a softball into my face, knocking out a tooth before one game, and she still made me play. bitch I might not have been looking, but she totally deserved a beat down for it. If only...

controlled chaos said...

I want to soo badly comment on a much earlier post, but I'm going to refrain myself from commenting on that one and comment on this on instead.

Good for you!
Makes everyone want to be a better person

Christina said...

I love it! My kinda badass sister. ;)

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