Tuesday, March 10, 2009

barry manilow.

I'm back from my blogging hiatus. I just needed some time for myself. So this is kind of a pointless post just to say Hi and I'm back! However, you, our dear readers are in luck! I'm going to tell you something funny and slightly humiliating!

So I needed to channel all of my hurt, anger, loneliness, etc. into something but couldn't figure out what to do. I sure as fuck wasn't going to do laundry or clean. So I went to Wal-Mart and while aimlessly wandering around I remembered the button flower bouquets I saw at a vintage store. Needless to say, I bought every single button in the store.

I seriously started putting in hours of time into these suckers. As in I made an entire bouquet, didn't like it, took it apart and started over. I even bought a box for organization and spent 2 hours organizing by color.

Here is a button flower is for those who don't know:
Those are some I found on google. I was actually going to take a picture of the ones I made, but my camera is dead. Bummer.


I decided I needed to download some sappy sad breakup songs for the occasion. I decided on some sweet tunes by Barry Manilow because, well, there isn't anything much more depressing (plus I had seen a news article similar to this earlier in the day).

Then I started to notice the strange pop-ups for some AdVirus2009 business.

I ended up with a computer virus from a Barry Manilow song.

Specifically, I ended up with a virus from Barry Manilow's song "I Can't Smile Without You." A song I had never even heard. I was just going to download "Mandy" or something of the sorts but when I saw the title I was all "Oh! That song will be PERFECT!"

You can quit laughing at me now

FML. Really? Barry EFFING Manilow? I think the only way the situation could have been worse would have been getting the virus from Barney's "I Love You."

And can we just take a moment to talk about how creepy Mr. Barry Manilow is? His skin is so taught.

Apparently Barry Manilow is to facelifts & botox what Michael Jackson is to nose jobs & skin bleaching.

Not a Fanilow,

P.S. I figured out how to stop the pop-ups so I'm thinking I'm in the clear for now. Next time I'm going for Celine Dion.


Meg said...

I just found your blog and you girls are hilarious!

I love the button bouquet! I want to make one now!

Veronica Vaughn said...

oh my gosh! that button bouquet is so cute. i think i have to make one now.

insomniaclolita said...

You're hilarious!!! LOL Wait til I tell my mom this, she's a huge barry manilow fan. I KNOW.:P

Gina said...

I missed you! I am so glad you are back...with a cute craft and a funny story, no less. How do you make the button bouquets? Glad you are starting to feel better. :)

Ms. Pink Zebra said...

I got a virus from downloading Frank Zappa. :) Don't know who he is? I didn't either til I heard these lovely words in Nigel's car.."I have been in you and you have been in me too. And we have been with eachother so intimately"

Yup downloading music is a bitch but I love it.

I made a flower button bonquet once at my grandmas. She is a big crafts person. I think that is something I want to make again.

KT said...

I'm really disturbed by the picture of Barry Manilow.

REALLY disturbed. Like, to the point where I saw it once, and had to scroll the page so I couldn't see it anymore.


-Not a Fanilow either,

Under the Influence said...

Be glad all you caught from Mr. Manilow was a COMPUTER virus.

Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

Such an appropriate post! I was going through my Ipod this morning looking for something good for the way to work and I actually stumbled accross Barry Manilow! I could've died! How did he get in my Ipod???? I'm certainly not a Fanilow!

I could recommend some decent "feel sorry for yourself" music, along with the "pick me up" tracks! xx

Private Eyes said...

glad to see you are blogging again! hilarious post!!

gaffergirls.com said...

doesnt Barry White do the one
can't get enough of your love babe..
just can't do the barry...
mona & the girls

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

Embarrassing? Yes! Funny? Yes! good treat rose. I want to make a button bouquet now too! sooooo cute. I love that shit!

I would never resort to barry though, that was kinda sad.....

I am glad you are up and at em again though! I missed you roseee

Lil' Woman said...

Love the button bouqet...talk about adding insult to injury, damn you Barry!

anne said...

is that a girl or a guy? lmao.. and u should really reformat your comp to get rid of the virus

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

award! http://gotobeskinnybitch.blogspot.com/2009/03/proof-that-you-guys-love-me-as-much-as.html

Courtney said...

lmfao. not a 'fanilow'.

miss you girls! i haven't been online much, either. pretty much non-existant.

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