Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The things you see...when you don't have a gun.

Back in May I moved to a new town. I have had a few odd experiences in the little town but none compare to what happened last night.

I was driving home from work, it's about a 45 minute drive...depending on traffic it can take an hour. Anyway, I had worked overtime and was leaving work around 6:30pm. I get into my car, turn on the music, roll down the windows and get on my way. The drive was much as it is every day. Smoking cigarettes, trying not to fall know, the usual. I get into my small town and decide that because it was a pretty day I'd drive around in the country for a bit, just to see what I could see.

I pull up next to this old black barn, it's falling apart and you can see straight through the side of it into the adjoining field. At this point I think I'm seeing things anyway because of how tired I was...I look over at the barn and see some people standing at the back of it. Okay's time to hang tobacco so it's normal to see people congregating around barns waiting for the trailer full of tobacco to get there so it can be hung. I didn't see any tobacco in the fields around me, but still thought nothing of it. I drove a little bit more, but turns out the road I was on dead ended at the Kentucky River. I had two choices...either drive through the river (not going to happen) or turn around.

This time around I got a better look at the people standing by the barn. They were definitely not there to hang tobacco. They had a bonfire going with some sort of large animal on the fire. I've seen people burn animals that have died on farms before, it happens all the time actually. These people were not in "farm clothing"...not at all. Each person had on black pants and white shirts, what looked to be button up shirts.

At that point I decided it was best for me to pick up my speed and act like I hadn't seen a thing...of course I had to write a blog on it.

I'm sure it was some cult ritual. Of course I'm going to have to drive down there again and do some snooping...let's just hope I can remember what road I turned down!!

Oh the things you see when you don't have a gun. Haha.



ZomBee said...

Maybe they were vikings and it was a brave cow that died in battle.

Gina said...

Thanks. That post is definitely going to give me nightmares.

Andhari said...

Yikes, Jill, that's really creepy. Next time you come snooping though, please bring a gun or taser or something with you. They sound they can be quite scary/dangerous if they're really in a cult with that kind of a ritual.

Under the Influence said...

If you don't have a gun, maybe a cross will do!

Lil' Woman said...

Yes, please take a gun next time, a strong man and a camera!

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