Thursday, October 8, 2009

Am I going to die?

Back a few months ago, I moved to Redneck City, KY. Of course, it's not really called Redneck City but probably should be. Anyway, my roommate and I have had our fair share of bonfires, camping trips and shooting guns in the past few months that we decided to change things up a bit. We went hiking.

Now, hiking I can do (or so I thought). I figured we would drive to some place in the Red River Gorge, park the car, get out and walk a bit then return. I figured wrong.

We end up going to Pilot's Knob. I had heard about Pilot's Knob in one of my Kentucky History classes during college but never really considered how one would get up there. I got out of the car, looked around and saw a trail going off to the left. It looked easy enough.

We start walking down the trail, talking, having a good time. Meg (my roommate) starts telling me about the last time she hiked up to Pilot's Knob. She's using phrases such as "I thought I was going to die" and "It was pure hell on Earth." So, I start asking questions...

First Question:

How far will we be walking?


It's about a mile and half up and a mile and half down, but don't worry about the down part of'll be sliding the entire way.

Second Question:



Yes, sliding on your butt. It's faster and easier that way.

Third Question:

How far up are we going?


All the way. To the peak of the hill.

**by hill, they actually meant mountain**

Fourth Question:

Am I going to die?


No one answered.

We continue walking **and by walking I mean climbing** up this so called hill. I'm not lying when I say that it was straight up the entire way. Occasionally you would come across a ridge and be on flat ground for like 10 steps. Anyway, we get about 1/4 of the way up and my face is blood red and I'm out of breath. I stopped, looked around and decided that this trip was not for me. I considered walking back down. However, I continued.

I finally get up to the top after puking twice and wanting to die. Now, I have to say this...I'm allergic to onions and I had eaten something that had either touched or had onions in/on it that day. I maintain the stance that this is what caused me to puke.

It was absolutely gorgeous at the top. You could see both Lexington and Richmond, KY. We stayed up on the knob for about 15 minutes then started our descent.

We literally slid down on our butts the entire way down. My ass looked like I had shit myself about 15 times from all the mud on me. However, this was the most fun I've had in a long time. Imagine a 700 foot slide. It was great! Meg ripped open the back of her pants. She totally lost the pocket to her jeans!

If you all are around the KY area and like hiking I would definitely recommend visiting Pilot's Knob...just be prepared.


*mary* said...

Whoa! I used to do daring things like that but then i got old and boring!

(Besides, last time I went near a pilot's knob an airplane nearly went down over a densely populated area. They won't let me back on that particular airline now.)

Gina said...

I know this is crazy but I really do want to hike it now. Puking excluded, of course.

Lil' Woman said...

Last time I went hiking I had sex...I prefer sex over spewing! :)

Andhari said...

Woooow the view does look fantastic! The sliding is tempting but I'm not sure about climbing like that. You're bad ass!:)

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