Friday, June 5, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I would like to announce that my near 7 month streak of celibacy has ended. THANK GOD!!!!!!

Chastity Belt=No more! Haha

Let me tell you, if all sex were as good as what I had last night...I'd wait 7 months in between hook-ups all the time. Sweet Jesus it was good. Now I have to say, Christian doesn't have the biggest ship in the water, but damn he's got the motion in the ocean. I've had a lot of sex in my 23 (soon to be 24) years on earth and last night was 10 times better than any I've ever had. Let's put it this way, all day today I have thought about it.

Last night both of my roommates were gone, so after work I ran a few errands. I ended up getting home around 10pm to see Christian and Samuel (Meg, my roommate's boyfriend) sitting outside on the back porch. They were passing around a fifth of cheap vodka. Now I can get down on some cheap's all I drank in I decided to have a few shots. I had a slight buzz going on, so did the boys.

We all went inside where we listened to some Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin. Meg works third shift, so she's never home before midnight. We waited up for her. By this time Samuel had decided that he didn't need to drive after drinking what he had. Samuel went into Meg's room and went to bed.

Here I am sitting in the living room with Christian...up until this point I hadn't thought anything would ever happen between us other than what already had happened. We had "made-out" back a few months ago when we all went camping and I thought that experience was too good to be true. Laying under the stars in his arms having every bit of my body touched in just the right way...oh was great.

Anyway, back to the original story. I thought that the extent of me and Christian would end there.

I asked Christian where he was going to sleep, he said that he would probably either pass out on the floor or sleep on the couch. Neither was acceptable to me. In a casual way, I told him that he was more than welcome to come sleep in my bedroom. He jumped at the opportunity. Hells yes.

We get into my room and he starts cuddling with me. I'm not a cuddler. I actually don't like cuddling at all. I'd prefer to get the deed done and call it a night, of course while having a great time in the act. So, here we are cuddling and I was actually enjoying it. Soon we were kissing and then I was on top of him, he was on top of me...

Sorry y'all no dirty details...however, I'm being serious when I say this...If I could only ever sleep with him for the rest of my life, I'd jump on the opportunity.

And that is the story of how Jill broke her 7 month streak of celibacy.



AlexMac said...

God, you have to love moments like that! Glad you had such amazing sex.

Gina said...

Glad it was worth the wait! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! (channeling my Arsenio Hall)

RedCurlGirl said...


RedCurlGirl said...


andonetime said...

Sounds like the only thing missing was a little NIN playing softly in the background, you know, for mood.

Janet said...

Oh man! I'm only on about a three month streak, and you're killing me here! I need me some guy like that!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I found a woman like that....and I do sleep with her every night. They are few and far between. Might wanna keep him for a while!

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