Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos

To Me!!!
It's my 24th birthday today!! I know that in the big scheme of things I'm still very young...but I feel like an old woman!
Everyday when I get to work I have my horoscope waiting to be read in my inbox. This morning I had a special birthday horoscope waiting for read:
"You continue to ride a growing wave of enthusiasm, yet keeping your balance becomes trickier and trickier throughout the day. Still, today you aren't interested in taking shortcuts; you want to be in touch with the magic that comes from experiencing the entire journey, even if this makes things more difficult for a while. There's no way to go back to this moment, so make sure you don't miss anything along the way. "
Let's just say that my balance was a bit off to start with today...if it's going to get worse, someone is going to get hurt!
After reading that I decided to do some research...this is what I found.
On my birthday in the past...I've had some, well...interesting things happen.
-Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by "Bill W." in 1935.
Now, come someone trying to tell me something? So what if I ended up having a beer on my lunch and I wasn't exactly sober coming into work today?
"Hello, my name is Jillian and I am a pseudo-alcoholic."
-Italy replaced his monarchy with a republic in 1946.
-The Six-Day War between Israel and Syria, Egypt, and Jordan ended in 1967.
-Apparently the kite/electricity experiment also happened on June 10...fitting especially since there is a HUGE storm outside right now (and I was born in a storm).
This is what I'm most excited about....drum roll please.
JUDY GARLAND AND I SHARE A BIRTHDAY!!!!! Too bad she's dead.
Happy Birthday to me...I'll say it again!
Hope you all have as great of a day as me.


Nic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was my b'day yesterday, I was 26. And YOU feel old!
Have a good one! :)

calixta.jive. said...

happy happy birthday jill!!! i hope your day is amazing! :o)

*mary* said...

Happy birthday! I didn't feel old until I hit 27. Now I'm (gasp!) 31! Ugh. Put me out to pasture.

Just a Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Just remember you are not the after party in life.. You are the party :)

Under the Influence said...

Happy Day!

Gina said...

Happy happy happy birthday to YOU!

Andhari said...

happy birthday, 24 is young too, go out and celebrate it in style!


Jen - tsk said...

Wool! Happy birthday!! It's compulsary to eat cake and drink beer!!

Lil' Woman said...

You and my mom share a birthday!! : )

Happy Birthday!!!

Adlibby said...

I thought I was old at 24 too. Now at 42 -- who the fuck cares? I wish I could get back all the time I spent worrying about shit when I was in my twenties and thirties. Throw caution to the wind and LIVE, baby -- do all the things you want to do and know that you're more likely to regret the things you DIDN'T do, than the ones you did. Damn, I AM old. And preachy, and kinda bitchy too. Shit. sorry. Happy Birthday!

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