Friday, May 22, 2009

Queeeens of Awe-summm

Ok I'm a slacker. I (Rose) was supposed to publish this after I filled it in. Well, I filled it in last week and forgot! So here is Jill's post from 5/15/09!

Last night when I got off work I went over to Rose's house for a visit with her and the family. I picked a great night to go over because I got to see Rose's sister and brother and law's new place. Well, it isn't new...but they are moving across the road into a place and I'm very excited for them!!

While I was there Rose asked if I would help her clean out her closets. I agreed and it's a good thing I did! I left there with massive amounts of clothes that Rose no longer wears. Thank God my best friend is the same size on top as I am!!! I probably walked out with 25 shirts! Thanks Rose. Love ya!!

And if all that wasn't enough to make me happy, Rose and I got an award!!!!! I have to admit, this awards is amazing! It's all sparkley and pretty, plus I love the vintage looking image. The award and the girls who gave it to us are exactly what the award is for...Awe-Summm-ness!!

Lil' Woman and Gina at Namaste by Day both gave us this award! Thanks to you both!!!!

So, for us to be considered the Queens of Awe-Summm-ness we have to do some stuff...

1. List 7 things that make me Awe-Summm.

2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you)


1. I'm obsessed with George Washington. I know, many people wouldn't consider this to be "Awe-summm" but I do. Ask me a question about him and chances are I'll know it! Love me some GW.

2. I have recently become a domestic goddess. Baking, cleaning, sewing, anything you would think Martha Stewart would be doing, I'm doing. It's crazy, but awe-summm!

3. I play video games -and- like it. Awe-summm...I know.

4. I love camping and kayaking. I'm seriously looking into buying a kayak. Now, I'm not talking kayaking as in doing all the rapids and waterfall shit, I'm just talking about lazily floating down a river, stopping frequently for cigarette breaks. I could seriously camp/kayak every weekend and never get tired of it. Awe-summme

5. I finally re-taught myself how to do a cartwheel. Awe-summm, for real though. I mean, it took me hours to re-teach myself how to do this. Those f'n cartwheels are hard to do!!!

6. I've seen more dead bodies than most people will ever see in their entire life. I consider this awe-summm, but morbid at the same time. My dad is a coroner. I've been helping him do stuff around his labs my entire life...don't worry, I never actually do anything with the cadaver, I just work around them when helping him.

7. I still play bassoon in a concert band. Most people in band stop after high school, or for some college. But not me. I'm die-hard all about some concert band. Whoo!


1. Did you see where I gave lots of clothes to Jill? Yeah, I gave her stuff I still wear (like my baby blue cardigan) because she is my best friend and I know she has wanted it for a long time. Yeah, that makes me awe-summmm

2. I am horrible at actually washing my clothing. Like to the point I had so much that I couldn't grasp where to start. The reason I gave the stuff to Rose last night is my Mom decided to help me out and wash all my laundry. Over 30 loads. There were things that I haven't seen in two years. What is awe-summm is that I have over 70 pairs of socks. Whenever I ran out I would just buy some. You might call it patethic, I call it awe-sum (and just for the record, I'm keeping up with it now!)

3. I'm a bookworm. But what is awe-sum is that I read in paragraphs, not lines. I had an IQ test when I was in 4th grade and that's what the shrink who administered it said. I guess that means I can read large blocks at a time.

4. I could read books by the time I was 2. Awe-sum.

5. My birthday sometimes falls on Labor Day. Hello, National Holiday: Rose's birthday! (It's September 1st if you want to send me gifts)

6. I taught my Mom her new favorite phrase, "Fuck-Tard." How awe-sum is that? She calls people Fuck-tards all the time now. AMAZING.

7. I know how to ballroom dance, square dance and clog. Ok, that was a lie because i couldn't think of anything else. How about this: I am an awe-summ liar. Well, that's not true either. I'm actually a horrible liar so I'm an awe-summly honest person?

Ok, we're not passing it on. We love you all and think you're all queens!! So if you want it, you deserve it!


Andhari said...

I think there might be a justice in the world if I can teach my mom to say fucktard.

Lil' Woman said...

Your welcome both are def. awe-summm bloggers! :)

Gina said...

The fuck-tard thing is the best. I wish my mom would pick that up.

Susan said...

I knew you were both already awe-sum. But a mom who says fucktard and a cigarette break in a kayak? The awesummest!!!

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