Saturday, May 9, 2009

i suck at life. or at least blogging.

I feel like lately every single time I realize that I'm a sucky blogger and vow to change that (by commenting and writing amazing posts) something prevents it.

Case in point:

I got sick on Wednesday at work. When I'm PMSing (which is just about every other week these days), I like to go to IHOP for lunch and get butterscotch rocks pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns. Nothing like the combo of so salty I need a gallon of water and so sugary I need cavaties filled to cure PMS. I'm maybe a quarter through my lunch and my tummy starts to hurt. On the way back to work I told my coworker, L, that I was about 99% positive that I was going to hurl when I got out of the car. (Fun fact on Rose: half of the time I can hold my puke until I can make it somewhere safe, the other half of the time I'll be mid-sentence and puke). Sure enough, as soon as I got out of the car, I threw up. Of course, I went home.

Thursday I was feeling a lot better. I got up to take a shower and noticed my eye was a little sore. I just figured it was a stye and rubbed a gold ring on it (I swear that if you're getting a stye and you rub gold on it, it will go away). All morning my contacts were blurry and I couldn't see for shit. At about noon I was smoking and L told me that I had a crusty eye booger that needed to be taken care of. I tried to wipe it away and it was like a line of snot. I was hoping it was just contact irritation. I knew when I left work on Thursday it wasn't just my contacts.

I was right... I have fucking pink eye. I feel like I should have passed the pink eye stage back in elementary school.

Friday morning with my eyes swollen and crusted shut. Seriously, that is the worst thing ever. On top of my eyes being super swollen and crusty, they hurt and itch. I had forgotton how uncomfortable it is.

I went to the doctor and he gave me a special type of drop since I had been wearing contacts. I'm banned from makeup and contacts for a week. Bummer. I also had to throw away my mascara that was two weeks old and my contacts that I had worn one day. FML.

It's a lot better today. Hardly red at all and just minor itching and oozing. I should be back to normal soon. I'll be commenting and hopefully writing more blogs!

Red Eye Rose


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

You don't suck at blogging. You might suck at dealing with PMS...but I appreciate your effort in curing the blues with salt and sugar! Girl after my own heart!

Feel better soon! Pink eye sounds girly...but it must be awful!

Andhari said...

Don't feel bad i suck at dealing with pms too, and no ihop where I live so it's not like I can go there..and I've been missing buttermilk pancakes :(

I'm glad your eyes are better.

Al said...

i had a stye on my eye last year and my lovely friends let me believe that it was spider eggs under my eye lid.... i have nfi how i came to this conclusion but no one tried to set me straight so i was FREAKING OUT that i was going to be full of spiders and ran the the doctors, they were full, had to explain to the receptionist that it was an emergency and i had spiders eggs in my eye... they squeezed me in. doctor thinks im an idiot and tells me it was a stye....
i felt very very silly and have not lived it down......... :)

hope your eye feels better soon!

Lil' Woman said...

Did Jill fart on your pillow?!?
(ya know that's how you can get it..via the movie Knocked Up) :)

Hope ya get better girl!

Gina said...

You don't suck at blogging, but I have missed you. Hope you get better soon and that you don't despise your glasses as much as I do mine! I swear I am more terrified of pink eye than swine flu because my glasses are coke bottles!!

Melissa said...

wow...that sounds so unfun..I know thats not a word,lol..ive never had pink eye before...and I really dont want it either. Feel better soon.

Under the Influence said...

At least you don't have swine flu, right?

Serena said...

Awww honey - hope you're getting back on the road to recovery. I had conjunctivitis when I had flu and it was horrible. Thinking of you x

Shannon said...

you poor thing! :( get well soon!

Barefoot Blogger said...

ugh. i fully sympathize with getting pink eye as an adult--i've had it 2 or 3 times since college and it suuuuuucked.

anyways. glad to see you back, and that you're feeling better!

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