Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've had a crazy, crazy past week. I'm stealing Re-Re's idea and doing a "Potluck" of all the crap that has been going on. Prepare yourself.

1. I might be a little vague in this one, but it's for my families sake: My brother came to us two weeks ago and told us he was unhappy in his marriage and is divorcing his wife. He visited his lawyer and started the process. This Sunday she found something he had searched on the internet (had nothing to do with divorce), and confronted him for more information. He told her it was no big deal and was just something he saw on the news and wanted to know more about it. She told him if he didn't tell her exactly why he was looking it up, she wanted to separate. He told her that was fine that he had already been to see a lawyer and she would be served this week. He came to stay the night at our house. During the night, she packed everything in the house and moved 10-12 hours away to where her family is from. She took my niece and nephew with her. Because she hadn't been served yet, she was allowed to leave the state. I think it's safe to say that my life has been turned upside down with the "what-ifs." (what if my brother doesn't get custody, what if I never see them again, on and on).

2. My work BFF, L, got laid off last Thursday and it was a huge surprise. Especially since I normally know who is next.

3. We went out Friday night for the people who got laid off at work. My boss paid for the first $150 of booze. I got slightly drunk. I may have made some bad decisions including, but not limited to:

I know this is the one you all care about:

4. I slept with my prom date from high school. twice. He found me on facebook and we started chatting and text messaging. I went over to his apartment late Friday night and stayed the night. He was HUGE and I was super sore the next day. So sore that I was a little relieved when the time came Saturday night for a third round that he didn't have anymore condoms. Obviously, this is strange territory for me because I have never slept with someone besides Sam. It was good, just different.

5. Sam has been somewhat stalking me. When I told him that the prom date added me on facebook he flipped the fuck out. Like leaving letters and pictures on my car. I told him that obviously this friends thing wasn't going to work out and we couldn't talk. BUT he continued to call and text message. Not only me, but Jill and L. He was calling L's work phone and I'm sure if he had Jill's number he would have called her too. He keeps claiming that he's changed, things are different, he misses me, all that other shit. I've started ignoring him and he hasn't called or messaged me in 2 days. Obviously I'm over him (see #4 on list) but it is very aggravating. Not only is he harassing me, but now my friends. I'm about thisclose to changing my cell number which will really piss me off because I've had this number since I was 16.

Hmmm I think that is just about it. I miss you all. I'll write again soon, I promise :)



Margarita said...

Wow, that's a whole lotta drama going up in here. Wow. (((HUGS)))
I'm so sorry for you brother, but hopefully all works out for the best. I'm sorry for your work BFF! And *ouch*. It's good but hate it when it feels bad.... Hope you feel better too!!

Life at the White House said...

Seriously - lots going on for you!

So very sorry to hear about your brother....I can't imagine how worried you are about how everything will turn out (and when you'll see them again next). Hugs to you.

ReRe said...

wow rose. i'm so sorry to hear about your brother, and things not working with sam.

--and the soreness!

Shannon said...

That's got to be scary not knowing if you'll see them again. I hope it all works out in your (and your brother's) favor.

Serena said...

Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore interesting lol. So sorry to hear about your brother and L but very glad to hear about Mr Big lol. Sounds like you've been on an emotional rollercoaster this week x

Under the Influence said...

Ouch. And I think that word describes all of the above situations.

Lil' Woman said...

Wow, sounds like craziness over in your neck of the woods...
But kudos for bouncing up on the ol' high school prom date. : )

Lil' Woman said...

P.S. your family and bro will be in my thoughts and prayers that everything turns out good regarding the kids.

Karen said...

You should be able to block Sam's number(s) from calling your cell phone through your cell phone provider. That may help alleviate some of the harassing calls and allow you to keep your number.

Sorry to hear about your brother :o(

Gina said...

Ugh. I thought I was the only one who had a crazy ex who put letters and pictures on my car. Good job staying strong.

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