Friday, July 31, 2009

Balt <3 Amour

Ladies and Gentlemen...I'm writing my first post in a loooooong time. Sorry for my lack of presence here lately, I know you all missed me...haha.

Rose and I just got back from a lovely extended weekend in Baltimore. I had no clue that the original Washington Monument is in downtown Baltimore! Rose was nice enough to let me stop, pay for valet parking and walk to the damn statue. I have a small obsession with good ole' George Washington...or Georgie as I refer to him as.

We had a great time in Charm City. My best friend from high school was getting married, I was her Maid of Honor...I wouldn't have been able to make it without Rose along for the haul. Luckily I'm fortunate to have a best friend willing to make a 9 hour drive with me just to watch someone get married. Of course we had our share of mischief.

Rose and I got into the Baltimore area last Thursday afternoon. We had a little bit of time before the rehearsal dinner, so we decided to grab some lunch. Before we left we decided that we should get crab legs, since we were close to the coast and they would be fresh. We go to this cute little place called Wet Willy's Crab Deck, thinking they would have the best crab legs we had ever eaten. We decided to split an order of a dozen...we waited for our food. When the waitress came out with our food, she plopped 12 WHOLE CRABS on our table.

Rose's face went blank. I decided to take control of the situation and told the woman that I needed to be "reminded" of how to get into the crab to get the meat. She showed gag reflex started going full speed ahead. I new that Rose couldn't do it, so it was all up to me. I think we maybe ate 7 of the damn crabs.
Apparently this is the only way you can get crab in Maryland...disgusting. WTF?

In our adventures, the GPS took us straight through the Baltimore ghetto. GPS's really should have a feature that is called "Reroute though a better part of town." I feared for my life. Scary shit.

One afternoon Rose and I were starving...this was on the same day we saw Georgie...We decided that after stopping to see the monument that we would grab some food. We pulled out the trusty (or not so trusty) GPS to find somewhere to eat within walking distance. In honor of George we decided to walk over to The Mount Vernon Stable.

At this restaurant we ended up having the most fabulous crab soup ever. It totally made up for the earlier crab situation. We also sat next to two drag queens who were in their 60's. Amazing...they didn't even try to cover up their masculine voices. Made my day.

In a nutshell that was our trip to Baltimore. We had a blast...I've decided that a 4 day weekend once every 6 months is completely necessary. Where should I go next? I was thinking maybe D.C. Where-ever it is I hope that it is just as much fun as Baltimore.



Lil' Woman said...

yay Baltimore ghettos are very scary (lil something called The

I think your next trip should be to Orlando :)

Under the Influence said...

Next time, try soft shelled crab - you eat the whole damn thing. Gag.

Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia (though that might need more than a weekend if you aren't going to fly), Memphis. Enjoy!

Andhari said...

I second Under The Influence's comment. I can't really eat crabs that way too although some people totally love it! That's why I always order soft shell crabs, you can basically eat the whole thing and it's crunchy and yummy :)

Gina said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! So glad you are back. Hope your next post is sooner rather than later! :)

AlexMac said...

Oh my god, yay, you are alive! I'm glad you two had what sounds like a great time. I personally feel crabs are gross anytime they're prepared for eating, but I know most of the world disagrees. Disagrees and gives me dirty looks.

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