Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Conversation EVER.

My sister told me about a conversation she overheard by my parents. When she told me I started laughing so hard I almost pissed my pants. In fact, I am still cracking up over it.

My Dad is very conservative, quiet and reserved. My Mom, not so much. She is more like me: loud, always has to say SOMETHING and most of the time its inappropriate. My parents are polar opposites and I think that is why they get along so well.

On to the conversation:
Mom (who was being dead serious): I need to get a new dress, D.
Dad: Well, why? Are we going somewhere? Do you really need a new one?
Mom (still holding strong and being serious): Yeah, I need it for MJ's funeral.
Dad: *mutters* Jesus Christ.

I so wish I could have heard it. Now, my Mom wouldn't really get a dress for the funeral of MJ, she just likes to get my dad all riled up. This totally tops the list of things she does to aggravate my father!

I know Jill is cracking up reading this just thinking about my Mom saying that to my good old conservative pops!



jen - tsk said...

HA! My dad is so much like your mom it's unreal. My dad once bought the smallest lamp stand in the world and fitted it with the biggest lampshade I've ever seen and pretended like it was just what he'd been looking for! I love parents! x

Yankee Girl said...

That is hilarious! That is totally a reason to buy a new dress! I'm gonna use it on my husband when I get home and see if he'll go for it!

Lil' Woman said...

t's the opposite with my parents, my dad will do anything to rile up my mom

Andhari said...

Your mom is too funny, in my house I'm the one saying things like that because both of my parents are way too conservative.

Gina said...

I'm going to tell my husband that I bought a dress today for MJ's funeral too. I'll let you know what ensues. That's genius.

Barefoot Blogger said...

That sounds exactly like a conversation that would happen between my parents, except in reverse roles. Too funny!

Constructive Attitude said...

hHAHAHAHA. your moms cute..haha

Emily said...

This is a riot- seriously, very similar to my parents except that the roles are reversed, my mom would be the opposite- shocked and horrified! My dad would the one playing games.... teehee- so funny. I love it. -e

Karen said...

That sounds like something I would say. But my mom definitely wouldn't. I adore her, but my mother really needs to learn to be a little more inappropriate.

Adlibby said...

that's funny! my husband likes to say stuff like that to my friends to rile them up. I get to sit back and laugh. good times!

AlexMac said...

I miss you ladies! Come back! How about a terrible date or roommate story? I just miss your writing and thought you should know.

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