Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things

I've been tagged in the 25 things about you note on facebook approximately 1 billion times. I've decided that most of my facebook friends already know plenty about me, so I figured I'd give our readers a little insight to me :) Sorry it's so wordy!

1. I think I could make a profession out of naming things. I name everything from electronics to animals. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time someone I know ended up with an animal and didn't use one of my name suggestions. I even named Jill's cat from just seeing pictures alone!

2. I live with my parents. Yes, I know. Don't judge me. We live in a 200 year old house that has always been in the family, which is why I think I love it so much. I have my own staircase and my own wing of the house and I don't see my parents unless I want too. It's a pretty sweet set up, just ask Jill, she lived with me one summer! However, one of my goals is to move out in 2009!

3. I also live on a 300+ acre farm. I'll own part of the land later in life but not the house (my little brother gets that) but I do plan on building my home on the land. I've moved away for college, but always come back. I can't imagine not living on my farm.

4. Speaking of farms, I had a pet cow. His mom didn't want him so I raised him on a bottle. He lived in a dog kennel when he was a baby so I could find him easily. Then we moved him with the herd. No matter where he was, when I yelled his name he would come running. I was his Mommy. We sold him in December because he was a steer and couldn't produce. We were low on hay for the winter and couldn't feed him while there were Momma and baby cows that needed the food. I like to think that he is on a warm and friendly farm now eating all he wants. It still chokes me up.

5. My eyes are blue on the outside of the iris, green in the middle and yellow around the pupil

6. I stopped drinking soft drinks in 2006. Now when I drink one it hurts my chest.

7. I lost my virginity to Sam when I was 21. I was a late bloomer but wanted to wait until I truly loved the person. I waited approximately a week and a half. HAHA

8. Sam and I were close friends in grades 9 and 12. After high school we didn't talk until I saw him in a chance meeting summer of 2007. I got drunk and kissed him (honestly thinking it would be a one night thing). Then he called me the next morning and asked me out on a date. I had to ask Jill if I should do it and she was all "Why the hell not?" I'm glad she made me go out with him!

9. I am obsessed with MAC cosmetics and probably have at least $3,000 worth total. (I've been buying it since 2003 so it's been spread out over time!)

10. I break phones like it is my job

11. Kudzu, that ivy that takes over everything makes me sick to my stomach and hyperventilate. I just can't look at it. It skeeves me out.

12. I am a total bookworm. I have tons and tons of books and stash them everywhere. English was my college minor because I knew it wouldn't come in handy as a major

13. This is sad but true: I just realized what it means when people say "Your cervix is dilating" approximately a month ago while watching Knocked Up. I thought it was the outside that went to 10. When I told Sam what I finally figured out he looked at me like I was an idiot and said he's known since 7th grade. My mom just shook her head and said "Obviously your Mom did a horrible job at teaching sex ed to her daughter."

14. I speak my mind and rarely censor what I say. This gets me into a lot of trouble. I call it "Verbal Vomit"

15. I don't have a whisper.

16. I have Otosclerosis which means the bones in my ear are fused together. I often hear what sounds like the snow on TV (You know, when you're not on an actual channel). I have a hard time hearing because of it which is why I think I don't have a whisper and am very loud. I can't hear when people do whisper, so I've learned to read lips.

17. I could sit outside and look for constellations all night.

18. When I get overly tired or stressed my throat starts to hurt. It normally ends in strep. I got so sick my senior year of college that I ended up with pneumonia

19. I'm obsessed with cameos and all things vintage

20. I knew how to read by the time I was 2. I taught myself and my mom is still not sure how it happened. She came in the kitchen one morning and I was reading the newspaper with my dad and started reading the stocks to her. She thought my Dad may have read them out loud to me, but he said he didn't

21. When I was in first grade, I was so far above their reading level (I was on an either a 9th or 11th grade reading level already) that they would send me up to read with the fifth graders

22. Due to scheduling errors, in 11th grade 5 of us were put in the slow English class. I couldn't change my schedule to get out of the class so I just did my own thing. When it was time to read To Kill a Mockingbird, the class listened to it on tape. I was finished with the whole book by the time the tape finished the second chapter. I read quick and paragraphs at a time. Needless to say, everything I learned in that English class, I learned on my own.

23. I'm allergic to yeast. I was on a special diet my junior year of college and I dropped about 30 pounds in a month. Ironically, bread is my favorite food.

24. I've never met an alcoholic drink that I don't like. There are things I don't like now due to horrible experiences with it (Whiskey & tequila are great examples of this)

25. I love my Marlboro menthol lights. Again, don't judge


Private Eyes said...

I too am obsessed with MAC cosmetics!!

Your little farm story is bittersweet. I love it though. I also love old houses!! Im jealous.

Cheryl said...

I totally have NO control over my mouth, and verbal vomit may be the BEST way to describe it!

insomniaclolita said...

you know I was tagged a lot to do this in facebook and blog too :P I will do it in my post today and I LOVE MAC cosmetics :)

Life at the White House said...

do you have any good book recommendations? i need a new one....the kind you just don't want to put down.

and that's so funny you had a steer! i used to have a bull growing up (his name was in Michael Jordan....because he was black and Michael Jordan was my all time favorite when I was in 3rd grade). it's crazy how attached you can get to them?!

Miss JC said...

Oh my Lord we have so much in common. Seriously. The cow story definitely brought tears to my eyes! :(

Miss JC said...

Oh my Lord we have so much in common. Seriously. The cow story definitely brought tears to my eyes! :(

Gina said...

I loved your list...and if I lived in a house like that, I'd still be living there with hubby and baby.

Courtney said...

#5 - i was recently told that my eyes are... exactly what you described there.

we're crazy, woman.

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